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Launching YouTube channel

Hey guys, hope all fine and safe!.. This pandemic is really sick, which ruin many of us mentally and physically. Staying safe itself a big problem for us, as we don't know when we get affected. Anyway, I hope all seems to be end soon, till then WEAR MASK, SANITIZE regularly, STAY HOME safely, EAT good food and Be Safe!..

Managing family, work, son is a biggest thing i ever had, and it's happening now too... So, had a big gap in between, but exploring new things, research in the middle is going on! My well-wishers had some request like to start youtube channel to make something useful and i too had the same dream for all.. You can ask me, is this a dream and simply yes is the answer, to make some impactful videos to make me more strong in my domain because of you people (knowledge sharing based!)

so NAME of the channel : tango-learning (same name as our website)

link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8te9uQc0GTUfUqXYLg2xhw/featured

Channel Description:

Welcome to tango-learning video! Premanand here, and I am here to teach something useful for your education related, especially in starting phase, I am here to dealing with Data Science topics. It's not just with theory part alone, but in this channel I am dealing with programming part also! In this youtube platform, we come across many channel which deals with Data Science, and myself too proceed the same community, I wont be saying it's totally different and creative channel and all but still to my knowledge i can post it in unique way! I feel like "The beauty of teaching is in the learning that happens every single day. They (students / people here) learn new things and I learn by teaching by them. Every day, I keep learning how to be a better teacher". So no one is above you and below you, learn through teaching and mistakes. Dont be ideal. Education & knowledge should be free & it should be shared, hit that SUBSCRIBE button and I'll be see you in the comments!

Channel Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpCmf0N3MB8

Thanks once again, we will see you with some intersting topics in this channel very soon! Happy learning!

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