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Hey guys, today I came up with something very unique topic, which will surely blow your mind. We all know the importance of Artificial Intelligence technology and its progression, but have you experienced any?.. Most probably NO I guess, here is an exciting thing,

Type Jenni AI in a google search, and you will find the official web link as https://jenni.ai. There will ask us to log in with our Gmail account and there comes the option, for blog writing, mail or essay, or other with the title of the option.

In that option, just I typed Machine Learning and entered it without any content, you know what below is the content I got, check it out, we won't get the best alternative than this, if you are not aware of the Machine Learning topic also no worry, just give a read,

Some screenshots are,

And lastly, the content page

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field of computer science that allows computers to learn on their own, using data as inputs to make decisions or predictions. These decisions can then be used in a variety of applications. In recent years, machine learning has become especially important to data analytics and artificial intelligence.

In the field of analytics, there are two main approaches for applying machine learning: supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning uses human-provided training data to teach a computer how to recognize patterns in the data and make accurate predictions. In unsupervised learning, the computer creates its own patterns by looking for similar elements in a large set of data without being provided with any labeled information. Both forms of machine learning are widely used in industries like finance, medicine, and technology.

Types of Machine Learning

There are several different classification schemes that differentiate between different types of machine learning models. Two of the most prominent are the Support Vector Machine and the Decision Tree. Both of these are commonly used models in the industry because of their flexibility and effectiveness. Let's take a look at each of these in more detail.

Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are a type of machine learning model that uses a “kernel trick” to create powerful classifiers. A kernel can be thought of as a mathematical function that takes an input value and gives an output value; SVMs use this trick to treat the input values as being vectors in space instead of points on the x and y axes. This allows them to classify the data by tracing the shape of the input vectors and identifying similarities among objects with similar shapes. For example, an SVM might compare a drawing of a dog to that of a cat and identify the dog as a cat's closest match. Then it would classify a new object as either a dog or a cat based on its similarity to the object that was previously identified.

The SVM creates a decision boundary that separates data that is similar to the training data set from data that is dissimilar to it. By changing the properties of its kernel function, an SVM can be trained to perform different tasks depending on the type of data that it is analyzing. This type of machine learning is commonly used to classify images and text, as well as in other applications where the boundary between objects that are similar and those that are very different must be clearly defined. An SVM can also be used to cluster data points by identifying patterns of similarity among objects within a given dataset. Decision trees are another popular type of machine learning model that are used in many industries to identify patterns in data. Unlike SVMs, decision trees do not rely on a statistical approach like the Gaussian distribution for classifying input data; instead, they make use of inductive logic based on the structure of the tree itself. To understand how this works, let's consider an example in which our hypothetical computer identifies four images that are of cats.

And you know what there are some NO-FREE things like,

  1. we can't copy the content for FREE.

  2. we can't download HTML format too

  3. Free with 500 words per month for one mail ID

If you are seriously looking for a writing process, you can PAY and proceed! it's too nominal.

I hope you found this blog useful. Keep sharing your knowledge. HAPPY LEARNING!

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