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How does love make us a human being?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Hey guys before sharing my opinion, this is my first writing in blog, and I thank everyone who are interested in reading by share / correct my opinions / thoughts. Life is a learning process, I love to learn alot from your different opinions / comments / encouragement, so please support to correct my view!

Here we go, in general Apart from lovers, when you do some work without any hesitation (means with love / interest - you can mean it any), you will get productive outcome as you expected, in the same way without any expectation if you do some help for your closed friends or parents. You will feel so relaxed, calm or happy regardless of  your situation. Have we ever wondered why? or Why we are not  doing the same for others? Did you? May be not (myself too)!

My view: The bond happened through love has some better understanding, confidence & faith. Our brain see love as reward, scientifically it increase production of dopamine - neurotransmitter, which passes signal across neurons without any blocks and hence our brain seamlessly resolve numerous problem and comfort us.

So did we analysed why problems like ego, hurt, sadness, anger, anticipation, fear, jealous, disgust or selfish occur between people? Brain is an important part of our body, you know why?, a place where we can store memories and also make us human by analysing the situation and make us to act accordingly (the sixth sense), but what's the reality in life, do we really store the memories worthful ? the answer will be big NO!!!! but how you can say so? we people tend to store either the good or bad memories that happened in the past or hypothetical (either good or may be bad) memory by thinking about the future (that may or may not be happening) and what about the present then?! - it's a ZERO memory! then how come our daily PRESENT (gift / love) time will be normal (happy) one?. , our brain is not like USB or memory card to erase the unwanted memory by simply formating, if format happens in reality then we will be in COMA. Is that worthful? NOPE!! Beautiful and good memory make us to do good, love comes from the goodness that we put on others as simple!

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty

Now think about the situation, let's imagine in positive way - we always do good between each other in our life without any bad memories - either by past memories or thinking about future, if we all live in a lovely (or friendly) relation (consider like a child - they don't have any memory both in past & future, they are happy because they are living the PRESENT situation) without any problems between each other, then there won't be any war, betrayal, ego and disappointments, we can lead a better life and by default, humanity comes to picture. Afterall we all have short span of life, enjoy those moments by sharing beautiful memories! It costs us nothing but the feelings that we are getting will be more beautiful than we expect.

Thus, in no way, must we waste our energies in hating anyone; rather we should sincerely strive to sow seeds of love, compassion and empathy in the garden of our heart.

I wonder why people hate when life is too short to love.


Brain - Reality / Analyze

Heart - Imagination / Emotions

Good life = think from Heart + analyse through Brain, we always use these two wisely for lovely life, but we should not depend on anyone alone !

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

Whatever i stated above is purely on my opinion, if you like it I am thankful to myself as a positive thinker, if not means please correct me from your point, l strongly welcome different opinion / ideology.

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