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GIT and GITHUB - A technology we must know!

Hello learners, I thought to share some useful information regarding GIT and GITHUB,

What is Git?

Git was first released in 2005 by Linus Torvalds (father of Linux) and it’s still maintained by Linux Foundation. Git is an open-source version control system. The main objective of git is to keep track of changes made to software code from time to time.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is an online platform for hosting and collaborating on software projects. GitHub uses git as a version control system to keep track of changes made to software projects.

Difference Between Git and GitHub

The main purpose of Git is to keep track of the changes made to the code. GitHub on the other hand - hosts the code or project on the internet(cloud) while using git to keep track of the changes made to the code.

Some interesting online free courses to know about,

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4. Git & GitHub Full Course in 5 Hours | Git GitHub Tutorial for Beginners | DevOps Training (Edureka)


5. Git and GitHub Tutorial For Beginners | Full Course [2021] [NEW] (Amigoscode)


6. Git Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Git in 1 Hour (Programming with Mosh)


It always gets to know about GIT & GITHUB, irrespective to the programming languages and tools that we are using for our research or academics or for projects, it's always advised to store our works in GITHUB, it not only show our skills and our work, parallelly it will gain attraction if we are going for some interview and for our professional growth also! here I have used Notepad++ as editor, instead, you can use any editor of your convenience and programming language

Please find the attachment, for the step by step understanding,

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