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Thanks for the support and motivation for the past blogs, Guys!!! Keep supporting me, encourage me and correct me if I am wrong in any of my views about the topics!! I hope from the last blog, Data Science concepts got cleared and the link also provides some insights! So, here in this post, will discuss about the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. So what are these three techniques? These are the techniques which are utilized in Data Science operations for different applications.

Here, I will post these three techniques as a series, so that I can make reading feasible (w.r.t time and content), so this blog which says about Artificial Intelligence (AI) alone, and in the subsequent you will be getting Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

What is AI?

Artificial – Not natural

Intelligence – Ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills

Hence this determines the definition, when a system which able to process a particular task with human intelligence or we can say how human brain thinks – AI

To be more precise understanding, watch the below video



The below picture which defines the term Artificial Intelligence and how compare to the human brain,

So What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is not mystical, human-like programming. AI- simply mimicking human behavior by a machine without explicit program, experienced from the data through some experience and with technology namely Machine Learning or Deep Learning and with common sense unlike programmed system . This technology uses various mathematical algorithms to learn from a vast amount of data (images, videos, or through sensors), which can be solved originally only by human intelligence, to solve dedicated cognitive problems (use of computerized models to simulate the human thought process in complex situation or simply sensible manner with machine touch). And the robust part of A.I. is it can acquire a pattern from the provided data to solve a problem in high accuracy. We don’t even know what’s going on inside the program, but it would be taken care of with the algorithm. In a simple word, A.I. learns from the data feed by human to solve dedicated problem.

Still need more understanding with some animation gimmicks, watch the below video for some better terms,


Subfields of AI:

Usage of AI is wider in this internet era and it's not limited to the size and application. Let’s take a look into these six major subfields in A.I,

1. Computer Vision: e.g. Recognizing object from real world images or video, just like the iPhone X’s Face ID.

2. Planning: e.g. Searching for the shortest path between your home and the nearest shopping mall. Ola, Uber cabs..

3. Natural Language Processing: e.g. Interpreting what are you saying, writing, etc. Gmail and Google

4. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: e.g. Chatbot that answer customer questions. In most of the branded websites like Samsung, Poorvika Mobiles...

5. Robotics: e.g. The self-driving car that take care of your travel.

6. Machine Learning: e.g Predicting the housing price by learning from the historical data, prediction in the field of medical

Layman understanding – AI simplified:

Case 1: Human Vs Machine Intelligence - AI

Situation 1: Suppose you are going to Airport for catching your flight. Once you entered in the flight, you are asked to turn on flight mode of your phone. What you do? You take out your phone and turn on the flight mode manually.

Situation 2: You went to airport. As you reached the terminal, the GPS of your phone detects your location and understands that you are about to catch your flight in next 25–30 minutes. Your phone turns the flight mode automatically after that specific time intervals and you don’t to care anything.

The difference between above two situations is Human's presence of mind (i.e., Human Intelligence) & Machine Intelligence. There can be infinite such examples where Machine behaves smartly like humans and even more than that. This is Artificial Intelligence. In simple words, it is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.

Case 2: JARVIS -AI

If you are a Marvel fan (I am a die hard fan) or have seen at least one movie of the cinematic universe, then you may be familiar with JARVIS. This machine is a super intelligent computer that Tony Stark character designed it. JARVIS is an example of artificial intelligence. Those who do not know about it, see the video below for better understanding,


Ok looks cinematic right, what if in reality JARVIS technology. The below link which is Mark Zuckerberg’s AI – Personal Assistant – JARVIS – Home Automation


Verdict from Case 1 & 2 –AI:

In layman’s term, the thinking capability of a machine or a computer, which works like humans is known as artificial intelligence. The major objective of AI is to build machines that can think, learn like human beings. It is accompanied by things like how human brains work, how they think, how to develop solutions for a problem, and then utilizing the outcome you have received based on intelligence systems and software

Classification of AI:

Following diagram which explain the types of AI,

Type 1 – Based on Capabilities

Type 2 – Based on Functionality

In case of type 1, still we are in the stage Narrow AI (dedicated to particular task) at present, yet to pass General AI (Perform like human) and Strong AI (Intelligent than human)

Whereas in type 2, Reactive AI, Limited memory, theory of mind and self-aware can be defined by,

History about AI

Excited with AI, if you are interested in knowing about some remarkable growth of AI from the scratch, spent 2 minutes in watching below video or through infographic


Application of AI

There are enormous application w.r.t AI, some of the trending domains are,

  1. Healthcare

  2. Automobile

  3. Finance

  4. Surveillance

  5. Education

  6. Space Exploration

  7. Gaming

  8. Robotics

  9. Agriculture and many more, please see the video for more info


Digital technology is the future in our day-to-day life and AI conquer in that also,

Still getting curious, let’s enjoy the interview conversation of AI Robot Sophia (citizen of Saudi Arabia), see the conversation takes place between Robot and Journalist, it talks like the human with some sarcastic in between, here there is no program for that, it talks like human


Movies plays major role in technology. It's a place where imagination can comes like a flow with the help of CG and VFX. There are many movies based on AI concept and some of the popular are,


Some of the best AI courses are,

The following courses are w.r.t my understanding and with some surveys only,

  1. AI programming with Python (Nanodegree) – Udacity

  2. AI for everyone – Andrew Ng - Coursera

  3. Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn How to build an AI – Udemy

  4. AI & Machine Learning Engineering Career Track – Springboard

  5. ColumbiaX’s Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters Program - edX

and many more there....

I hope, you get some insight about the hottest trending topic Artificial Intelligence and might be helpful for you people, if you are interested to be in this field. This blog is not to mean learn all the things, yet creating insights and interest with different understandings from different source. Once upon a time I watched some hollywood movies with this AI concepts, it's kind of different feel (Is that really possible?.. Again mind will convince like it's just entertainment!) but now the reality is changed. Hope many technology will surprise us with their stunning functionality. See you guys in the next blog, with another interesting topic 'Deep Learning'.

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