Hi! I am

Premanand S


I start with a quote by APJ ayya, "Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great", everyone loves to be great in their professional, the same provokes me every time when I see this quote.


I am a researcher and teacher by professional. My professional started from 2011, the love on learning increases every year by meeting so many professors and as well as students, their view on approaching the concepts makes me crazier to learn a lot. Even had a great opportunity to work in R&D funded by TCS, with some great minds but unfortunately I couldn't able to convert into a precious gem, for me still it's not a failure, I learned a lot from that and started finding solutions.

Through my well-wishers and students, I found my strength in teaching is making the concepts simple and layman approach that makes me to start blog. 

Love towards Machine Learning techniques and its advancement through Python started from my research, and this blog also provides the same in a fun way approach!