Teacher Training

In-depth musicality

September 1-5, 2016


Shape Sound Dancing

workshop with tomás Howlin

Expressing musical textures with foot and weight placement

SUNday 2:00 pm

Homework for class participants

stepping on the beat

Don Juan - Gustavo & Giselle

The body is the tango dancer’s musical instrument.

During this workshop, we will try to identify different ways of expressing the music with our body, specifically looking at the different ways we can step and change weight. We will see how we can better use different body sequencing and movement intention to express different musical choices.

In preparation for this workshop, I would like to ask you to do the following exercise. Between now and the time of the class, take some time and think about this topic. How would you interpret each song differently? I will also ask you to watch this video of Gustavo Naveira and Giselle dancing to Don Juan by Carlos Di Sarli. Then answer the questions below.

We will use your answers later during class.

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Stepping on the beat
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