Teacher Training

In-depth musicality

September 1-5, 2016


Teaching Musicality to beginners

workshop with tomás Howlin

Where do I begin

Thursday 7:30 pm

Homework for class participants

Planning a beginner class is one of the most exciting challenges a tango teacher can have. So many things to teach and share in such a short period of time!

During this musicality workshop, I am going to approach this topic and tell you where to begin. I will share my ideas and strategies that are designed to entice and awaken musicality skills in your student’s dancing.

In order to prepare for the workshop, I am going to ask you to do an exercise. This exercise requires you to think about your class content. I will be asking you to respond to a few questions along the exercise. We will use your anonymized responses in class.

Good luck!


Imagine that you are preparing your one hour beginner class. Think about the concepts or elements you would like to teach. We will call these “topics." Give each topic a name. Be as concrete as possible with the name you choose, use a maximum of three words.

Find some cards (or small pieces of paper), and write down each of these topics on a card. Each topic gets a separate card, and you can use as many cards as you wish.

Look at your cards and put them in order. Starting with the most important one at the top.


Now respond to the questions below:

Name *
Tell me about your beginner class
How many cards did you end up with? *
Please select only one of the four options.
If you had less than three write down what you have.
Please select only one option.
Please select only one option.
Have you considered thinking of musicality as necessary and intrinsic to each of your topics (like as an overarching concept that permeates all other concepts in tango)? *
Please select only one option.