The Team


Tomás Howlin, Director and Teacher

Tomás Howlin is a professional Argentine Tango dancer, performer, and teacher with nearly 25 years of experience. Each of his movements are deeply inspired by the traditional aesthetic that have characterized the style and elegance of this dance for the past sixty years. His performing career started in the well-known tango clubs of Buenos Aires and branched out internationally as he performed and choreographed for theater and film, as well as for tango festivals throughout Argentina, the United States, and Europe.

A patient and dedicated teacher, Tomás has developed a unique method and approach grounded in his Argentine cultural roots. Tomas’ students have described him as an inspiring teacher who makes tango accessible and dancing it a continually renewed experience. He has long been a regular and sought-after teacher for festivals throughout North America and Europe. Along with his knowledge and mastery of tango, Tomas teaches fluidly in Spanish, English, and French.


Shorey Myers, Guest Teacher

Well prepared by her background in martial arts and classical music, Shorey was captured by tango in 2003 and has scarcely looked back since. Years of serious study and travel as a tango nomad have given Shorey a profound respect for many different approaches to the dance, as well as a deep understanding for the underlying essentials of tango that unite dancers the world over. Based in thoughtful technique, her movement is fluid, elegant, connected and powerful.  

Shorey’s teaching is as thoughtful as her dance. She successfully combines her understanding of tango with consideration for the learning needs of each individual student. Shorey is perhaps best known as a DJ, having played at Grand Balls, late nights, weekly milongas and afternoon practicas all over the US and in Buenos Aires. Shorey partners with Tomas Howlin and is a member of the Tango Learning team. She also teaches DJ classes online and in her home city of San Francisco.


Elizabeth Seyler, Guest Teacher

Elizabeth is an athlete, trained musician, and modern dancer who has enjoyed Argentine tango since 2000.  She runs Tango Wise, LLC, which offers college courses, community instruction, milongas, and research presentations primarily in Northern Vermont.  She embraces traditional and evolving tango—dancing in either role with whomever one chooses in feet-pleasing shoes—and excels at establishing an interactive, playful, inclusive environment for dancers of all ages and abilities.  She holds a Ph.D. in dance from Temple University, an M.Ed from the University of Vermont in interdisciplinary studies and dance, and a B.A. from Cornell University in social relations.  She has published original tango research and presented at international dance conferences since 2006.

Sugandha Ferro Black, Admin Support

Sughi has danced her whole life, including 20 years of Hula in Hawai`i. Her husband started dancing Argentine Tango in 2007, and intrigued, she joined him. She has been immersed in it ever since. Sughi continues her studies in traditional Argentine Tango and DJ’ing at every possibility whether on Maui or while traveling. The history rooted in Tango parallels the history rooted in Hula so the transition from one to the other was seamless, easy, and very natural. Both are dances steeped in community culture making Sughi a natural organizer, sponsor, and host to visiting teachers to the Maui tango community. Sughi also keeps herself on her toes teaching beginner dancers with her husband.