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Tango Learning is for the aspiring and curious tango dancer, who wants to maximize every part of every learning experience.

  • Get more out of your dancing

  • Retain more of what you learned

  • Deepen your understanding and connection to tango

Tango Learning has everything you need to improve your dancing.
— Tomás



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A subtle, sophisticated, intricate, mindopening training with a coolminded, funny, masterful teacher who is style-neutral, all-embracing, and offers essential knowledge on how to learn tango and become a serious learner, at whatever stage of Tango you are.
— Mitra Martin, Oxygen Tango Programm Director
I found the Fundamentals of Tango Learning to be extremely helpful! I appreciated the organization of the material, and the exercises that allowed us to apply the material. It reminded me of lectures with labs back in grad school. I am excited to use the tools you’ve given me.
— Wella A. - Student
What I learned in this training is what it’s essential to tango, the most important thing, students should learn this material before taking other tango classes.
— Anna R. - Student